From the recording Her Love Rescued Me (Jo's song)

Going on 20+ years ago, I was walking down the street on a hot sunny day. There was a local swap meet/booths and such going on in Bremond, Texas. This pretty little blonde woman just walked right up and introduced herself to me. That's how I met the love of my life and the best woman I have ever known... my wife Jo.   Steve Stallings 9/15/2014


I never thought that I would seeThe kind of love she brings to meHer smile just fills my everydayShe stopped me on the streetSaturday, a swap meetHow was I to know my life had changed
chorusHer love rescued memade me try to be the man that she deservedyou sometimes I stand amazedHer love rescued me Looking back it's plain to seeHer love rescued me
A little blond  maybe five foot twoSmiled at me and I just knewThat sparkle in her eyesWas hiding something moreA gentle strength  a reason forA man to settle down
What brought us to this dayI think the Lord aboveIn His awesome grace looked down on us
Ten years later  We've built a lifeSeven kids   hers and mineA place that we can call are ownGrandpa and Mi Mi our second namesWouldn't trade this for fortune or fameIt's all that I could ever want