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  1. Lots of Lonely

From the recording Lots of Lonely


I'm gonna take that first step
we could be lost in forever
 this time it will work out
Just hold on You'll see

I'm not the man who hurt you
Trust might be hard to come to
I promise I will  catch you
should you fall

I'm gonna take this broken heart of yours tonight
paint this shattered dream with love   and make it shine
  turn away from            the pain of lonesome
  lots of lonely        out tongiht

 won't promise perfect      love that last forever 
 I swear        I will love you
till... I.... die


take my hand...... walk with me a while
 If you close your eyes  I will stay          here by your side
hold  tight you'll see
a man who still believes 
our hearts where meant to be
joined  for all our life