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  1. The Morning Son

From the recording The Morning Son


I slip softly out of bed in the morning        You're sound asleepMake some coffee    grab a shower    throw some clothes on   brush my teethPull down my old guitar     and I begin to playImagine that     you'd think the Lord planned it that way
I play a G chord   let it ring out near forever    It's my best friendI know two others and the truth is all that's called for   and I understandPain and hurt    yeah those are easy subjects      but I don't feel that way todayImagine that     you'd think the Lord planned it that way
You know most times I can't hardly explain     just where these songs come fromThey write themselves       I'm just here for the morning Son
The house is quiet     the silence of a lifetime         echo's in these hallsThe love and joy     and all those little memories      that come to callBut right now I think I hear a new song      It's my latest oneImagine that     I'm just here for the Morning Son
(c) 2007 Steven Stallings